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🧿 ​Our Mission 🧿​

🧿 Our Mission 🧿

Electra Essentials exists for 3 reason– to inspire healers, encourage love, and invite abundance.

Our journey with Electra begins with the urge to share our passion for essential oils, massage, and aromatherapy with the world.


At Electra Essentials, we provide our customers with products essential for living an amazing life- full of abundance, prosperity, and joy.


Every single product we offer we use in our own daily routines and truly believe that these are the best possible products for ourselves, our customers, and our friends & families.

Only The Organics

We only offer organic essential oils and massage oils. Our products NEVER CONTAIN ANY pesticides, additives, GMO's, harmful chemicals, or NON-organic substance.

The WORLD'S Best Glass

Our glass slows the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of the essential oils inside. Blocks out all harmful light rays while selectively allowing infrared and UV-a waves.

Always ONE Ingredient

We never use any preservatives, additives, anti-caking agents, or filler oil to any of our products. Most essential oils on the market today are cut with sesame, avocado, or "vegetable" oil.

UV Glass

The World’s Best Glass


  • Scientifically proven that Electra glass slows the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of the essential oils inside.
  • Traditional glass allows harmful UV light from the sun to damage the structural properties of any organic matter.
  • Electra bottles are superior as the glass blocks out all harmful light rays while selectively allowing infrared and UV-a waves.
  • The air tight seal between the glass bottle and topper further protects the integrity of the ingredients and maximizes freshness.

Keep it Weird

Austin, Texas


  • The national epicenter for businesses innovating in health, wellness, biohacking, medicine, and media.
  • Its unique ecosystem empowers, enables, and encourages local entrepreneurs to spread all ideas & solutions freely – while rewarding those who solve problems, create positive local innovatives, and Austin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem encourages collaboration among business, entrepreneurs, local government, & impactful decision makers to solve the worlds challenges.

100% Pure Oils

Single Ingredient


  • Our oils contain only one ingredient: pure organic essential oil extract.
  • While other companies add filler oils such as sesame, canola, avocado, and sometimes even “vegetable” oil to reduce cost and increase margin.
  • Ingredient transparency is of the utmost importance because we use these oils in our homes; in recipes for meals, drinks, cleaners, soaps, and blends.


Attack on America

Our homes have become battlegrounds.


  • Artificial fragrances have infiltrated our grocery stores, cosmetic products, and household items.
  • Artificial fragrances contain all sorts of poisonous chemicals and hide under the guise of loopholes in the laws.
  • When you see “fragrance” listed as an ingredient, know that this synthetic scent is a mixture of many different unidentified ingredients which include carcinogens, allergens, and hormone disruptors. 

Commitment to Organic



  • Over 50 years of medical studies, scientific discoveries, and personal health anecdotes – our scientific community has globally concluded ORGANIC ingredients are better for the human microbiome, our ecosystems, and our future generations.
  • Organic farming removes toxic industrial GMO’s, harmful chemical, synthetic pesticides, and distributive growth hormones – benefiting the entire ecosystem while maintaining healthy soil, supporting local pollinators (like bees!), all while increasing taste and nutrient levels of food.
  • The true negative net externality of non-organic farming is unquantifiable.
  • From public health to environmental clean-ups, restoration, non-organic farming is an unsustainable cycle of greed that destroys the planet.
  • For our planet to heal, we must shift the paradigm, we must live organically.

🧿 Why the Evil Eye? 🧿

The Evil eye is more than a decorative emoji on instagram. Although the name “evil eye” can be intimidating, the 🧿 isn’t evil at all– it’s the symbol to ward off any curse of envy cast upon you.


The symbol is used in cultures all over the world- most famously from the Turkish & Greeks, but has recently adapted to a global phenomenon with adaptations by some Italy, India, Latin America, China, the Caribbean, & The United States of America.


This iconic symbol, paired with the world’s best glass, makes for an artistic addition to any kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, sauna, or gym.


Jay Hunt

Jay’s passion for essential oils began when he began using the sauna and yoga in his athletic training and conditioning. 


The former University of Iowa High-Jumper used yoga and the sauna to take his post competition daily exercise routine to the next level. 


Jay used his pink grapefruit to freshen up his living space, while also energizing and revitalizing his mood, mind, and body.

“My Passion for essential oils began when I started to incorporate eucalyptus into my sauna routine. After some quick research, I noticed most essential oils on the market were made with fillers like sesame & avocado oils, used synthetic lab-created versions, or contained a blend of several oils with the cheapest being the most prominent. I wanted Electra Essentials to be more than an essential oils company, but a brand that stood by it’s ingredients and only used the most pure, best products we could find.”

Louie Psihoyos

Louie’s passion for essential oils began when he began using meditation and massage for recovery, mental clarity, and athletic conditioning. 


The former Junior College golfer and basketball player has used essential oils to take his sauna, yoga, and biohacking practice to a new level. 


Louie uses peppermint oil on a daily basis in the sauna, during his yoga practice, and to energize his living spaces.

“My passion for the most pure ingredients begins in the grocery store. I spend time reading labels to what I'm putting into my stomach, on my skin, & in my home. I built this company first and foremost with ME & Jay as the first customers. If that wasn’t true- It would be a total failure. I wanted Electra Essentials to be a brand that consumers would have confidence, no matter what product, that our team has gone out of its way to ensure that we are using the best ingredients we can possibly source.”

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